Tuesday, August 29, 2006

First Post and Welcome

Amazing, isn't it? Just when you think government can't get any more insular and secretive it amazes you. The latest example is Senate bill, S2950 (which has bi-partisan support) to create a publically accessible database which would let the public to know what groups get what funding.

Now, I am sure the bill is not perfect (I hope to post an analysis of it in the near future), and I am also not pretending that if the Bill did pass, that it would somehow clean up politics for some time. And maybe that's why the issue has grabbed me in a way that larger (and arguably more important) issues have not. It is such a tiny baby step in the direction of transparancy in government, yet even that is too much. And the senator (yes, it's lower case....I'm so mature) does not even have the guts to stand up and declare his/her opposition.

It combines government's arrogance, secrecy, and incumbancy in one small dispicable package.

More to follow.


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