Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Can we eliminate more?

Senator Frist just published this blog entry which is very supportive of the blog-led inquiry to find out who is responsible for the hold on the S2950. Can we use his post to eliminate more of the Senators who have yet to reply?

Remember from here, that a hold is made by a Senator contacting either the Majority or Minority leader depending on party. If a Republican had placed the hold, they would have contacted Senator Frist. Would Senator Frist publish such an article if he had been contacted?

In an election year, an issue like this can easily be held up a sign of the incumbant party's arrogance and desire to maintain power above all else. If it were a Republican Senator I doubt he would publically call for them to identify themselves (even if privately he hoped they would). He would also make himself look foolish - having members of VOLPAC running around asking congressmen their position, when he already knows what it is.

I have neither heard nor read any such support from Senator Reid. From this, I conclude that it is more likely that the requester of the hold is a Democratic Senator. This leaves:

  • Thomas Carper (Delaware)
  • Jay Rockerfeller (West Virginia)

as the only two Democrats who have yet to come out one way or another. I would throw in Chris Dodd as well, as the only denials I've heard have been pretty wishy washy.

I will be calling Senator Reid's office tomorrow (and Senator Dodd's as well).


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